Are you a commercial business that I can book services with?

Yes, I have had a business license as a "professional photographer" since January 2022.

I operate my services as a sideline in the "sense of the commercial small business regulation". My prices are therefore without VAT.

Do you also offer TfP shootings?

Yes, I continue to offer TfP shootings in order to expand my existing portfolio and to further develop my photographic skills.

What are the requirements for me to shoot with you on a TfP basis?

You have a great idea of what kind of pictures you would like to have of yourself. No matter in which direction - it has to be unique and an exciting challenge for both of us. It can be a business, sports, acrobatic, pin-up or erotic/boudoire shoot - as long as we create something unique together.

Please note that I also decline TfP shooting requests if they do not fit into my portfolio.

Which photo studios do you photograph in?

Due to its size and equipment, my photo studio at the company headquarters is only suitable for portrait shoots with a black or white background.

For more elaborate shoots, I make use of well-equipped rental studios.

Can you also arrange make-up services?

Yes, I also work with trained make-up artists.

If you would like to book this service, I will take care of it. The billing will then take place directly between the two of you.

Do you have any photographic training?

I have been taking photos since I was very young. The camera was my companion everywhere I went, whether privately or professionally.

In 2018, I decided to start training in photography. I completed the "Digital Photography" course at the LIK Academy for Photography and Design in Vienna and the "Digital Photography Master Class" in my second year. I also completed the "Digital Image Processing" course at the same time.

What kind of recordings can I realize with you?

During my 2-year training at the Lik Academy, I learned all the main styles of photography such as portrait, fashion, pin-up, nude, product, food, architecture and industrial photography. Some of the pictures in my portfolio are also from this training period. In my shootings, "you" as a personality are the focus of my pictures. No matter whether the photos are taken in the studio, as a home photo shoot, "on location" in interesting public places or in "lost places".

How does a shoot work for you, from the initial request to the finished picture?

After I have received your application with your ideas for the shoot, I will develop a mood board that takes your ideas into account.

Together we determine the shooting location, outfit, possibly the involvement of a make-up artist/hair stylist and the shooting time.

Then the photos are taken.

After I have made the selection of suitable pictures, you will receive them via a web application to view and select your favorites. These will then be professionally processed according to the scope of the order.

What is a mood board?

The term mainly comes from the fashion industry. A mood board is about presenting you with a shooting concept and coordinating the details with you. They allow you to look inside the photographer's head and visualize their ideas and shooting style.

I usually create a collage of images on Pinterest, for example, which serve as a template for the shots for the chosen shooting themes. It's not about copying image ideas from the shoot, but just to stimulate the imagination in which direction it can go. Of course, you will create your own pictures with you and your personality.

How does a home photo shoot work?

For you, a home photo shoot has the advantage that you are in your familiar surroundings and the shooting atmosphere is more relaxed. You always have your entire outfit to hand. There are also no costs for a rental studio.

Home photo shoots have their very own flair, because we shoot in a location with your familiar props, in your feel-good atmosphere, so to speak.

Before we start the shoot, we take the time to discuss our image ideas and the process. Good photos can only be taken if we both harmonize well. The more comfortable you feel during the shoot, the better your chances of getting strong, sensual and impressive shots.