Nigerian 2023

In 2013, Pastor Emeka Emeakaroha (pastor from Obergrafendorf) founded the hospital in his home province of Ihittein Uboma in Nigeria. Once a year, a medical team from Austria travels to this hospital for 1-2 weeks and provides "free" care to patients in need who would otherwise not be able to afford it. I was allowed to be present as a photographer during this aid mission and would like to show you this great project with my pictures.

First impressions

First impressions on our drive from Port Harcourt airport north to our location in the Ihitte Uboma province in southern Nigeria

The journey was only about 150 km but took 4-5 hours. The roads are in a condition that does not allow rapid progress. Since we landed in Port Harcourt in the evening, we stayed overnight in a nearby hotel and started our journey in daylight the next day. For safety reasons, it is not advisable to travel in Nigeria at night - and this is also not recommended due to the road conditions.

Waiting area

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Patients wait patiently to be admitted. Many of them arrived days in advance to receive treatment in the hospital. The medical reception ward had its hands full organizing the numerous patients for a preliminary examination. But despite their efforts, it was not possible to help everyone. After two weeks, the medical team had to stop work and put the waiting patients off until next year. It is very sad and frustrating that many patients at the Madonna Austrian Hospital in Nigeria had to wait so long and then could not be treated. That is not easy, but unfortunately that's the reality.